Managed SPF and DMARC record


We understand that email ecosystem can be diversified and might include emails triggered by marketing team, HR team, cloud hosted systems and so on.

This would make it challenging for the email administrators to update the SPF and DMARC records when there is a change in their emailing system. This might also introduce syntactical errors in the records.

Adding to this, the internal change management process might further delay the DNS updation and might result in genuine business emails getting lost due to DMARC failure.


At ProDMARC, we continuously enhance the capabilities of the platform in order to make the product more intuitive. To help our customers tackle these challenges effectively, we have built the below mentioned new feature in the portal for easy implementation and periodic monitoring:

  • Managed SPF
  • Managed DMARC

If opted for the feature, the administrator will need to update their records only once and rest is all managed by our platform. Every time your mailing domain is used by new partner or cloud hosted systems, our platform will effectively update the DNS records and make sure the emails pass DMARC validation and gets delivered to the recipients.

To setup “Managed SPF and Managed DMARC Record” and simplify your DMARC management process, contact: