SPF and DKIM Set up for Zoho

To configure SPF and DKIM record on Zoho follow the below given instructions:


When you send an email using you@yourdomain.com from Zoho Mail, the recipient servers refer the SPF records to check if the email sent from Zoho Mail is genuine or not. Generally, you can publish the SPF records as TXT records in the DNS Providers (Domain Registrars/ DNS Managers).

The Valid SPF records that need to be published are provided below:

v=spf1 include:zoho.in -all

In case you are using multiple Zoho services, you can use

 v=spf1 include:one.zoho.com -all to avoid any SPF lookup failure.


You can enable DKIM for your domain from Zoho Mail’s control panel, after creating the required text record in your domain’s DNS manager. The DKIM configuration has three major steps:

  1. Generate unique public DKIM Key-value using a default selector in Zoho Mail.
  2. Create a TXT record in your Domain’s DNS Manager (Domain registrar/ DNS Provider).
  3. Validate the selector and Enable DKIM in Zoho Mail