Set up SPF and DKIM for Rackspace Cloud

To set up SPF and DKIM for Rackspace Cloud, follow the steps given below:


  1. Log in to the Control Panel for your domain DNS host.
  2. Create a TXT record with the following specifications:

    3. Decide how you want to enforce SPF failures:

  • ~all: results in a soft fail (Not authorized, but not explicitly unauthorized).
  • -all: results in a hard fail (Unauthorized).
  • ?all: neutral (As if there is no policy at all).

    Enter your choice after v=spf1 and save your changes.

    4. Adding the IP or server names after include: allows mail servers.

    5. Save your changes.    


  1. Log in to the Cloud Office Control Panel
  2. In the Domains section of the home page, click the Sender Authentication (DKIM) link.
  3. On the Sender Authentication (DKIM) page, click the domain for which you want to enable DKIM.
  4. Click Enable DKIM for.
  • If you manage your domain’s DNS through your Cloud Office Control Panel, DKIM enabling is automatic.
  • If you manage your domain’s DNS through another service, that service provides the DNS key and value information to add a new TXT record. See the documentation of your DNS hosting provider for instructions on adding a new TXT record for your domain. If you do not know where your DNS is hosted, see Find your DNS host.

    5. After adding the DKIM TXT record, click Verify TXT Record to ensure that the new DKIM record is publicly available in DNS and is correct.