Investigation of DKIM Alignment Issues Due to Misconfigured Campaign ID Regex Matching on Netcore Platform


Our client recently encountered discrepancies in their DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) authentication details while utilizing the Netcore email delivery platform. Upon further investigation and communication with the Netcore team, it was revealed that a misconfigured regex pattern matching campaign IDs was causing rerouting issues and DKIM alignment failures. This misconfiguration resulted in the signing of DKIM for multiple unintended domains, posing significant challenges to email authentication and delivery integrity.

Problem Description:

 The primary issue stems from a misconfigured regex pattern utilized by the Netcore platform for matching campaign IDs. This regex pattern, designed to identify and process specific campaign IDs associated with our client’s email communications, inadvertently matched with additional campaign IDs beyond the intended scope. Consequently, emails associated with these unintended campaign IDs were routed incorrectly, leading to disruptions in email delivery.

Furthermore, the misalignment of DKIM signatures exacerbated the problem. DKIM signatures are cryptographic authentication mechanisms used to verify the authenticity and integrity of email messages. However, due to the misconfiguration causing rerouting issues, DKIM signatures failed to align properly, resulting in failed authentication checks and compromised email deliverability.


After thorough communication and collaboration with the Netcore team, a solution has been implemented to address the DKIM alignment issues and rerouting challenges caused by the misconfigured campaign ID regex pattern. The Netcore team confirmed the implementation of a separate pattern specifically designed to ensure an exact match for the client ID of the mentioned panel. This approach effectively prevents emails from being diverted or misrouted due to unintended matches with other configurations.


The implementation of a separate pattern for exact client ID matching marks a significant step towards resolving DKIM alignment issues and rerouting challenges encountered on the Netcore platform. By collaborating closely with the Netcore team and implementing targeted solutions, we have successfully mitigated the risks associated with misconfigured regex patterns and ensured the accurate and secure delivery of email communications for our client. Moving forward, proactive monitoring and continuous optimization will be essential to maintaining the integrity and reliability of our client’s email delivery system.